Are Alcohol Offenders Overcrowding Your Jails and Prisons?


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About AMS

An idea… a cause… a mission…industry leadership through innovation.

Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. (AMS) began as a vision in response to a personal tragedy. One of our founders had a close friend who was killed by a five-time DUI offender − exemplifying the growing problem of DUI and alcohol abuse in our country.

This event was the impetus behind our founders’ collective vision to create a product for the criminal justice market that would continuously monitor alcohol offenders and hold them more accountable for their actions.

As with both SCRAM and now SCRAMx, AMS’ core focus is on the alcohol offender. Our goal is to provide courts, agencies, and other criminal justice professionals with a comprehensive solution to more effectively manage alcohol offenders, effect long-term behavioral change in these individuals, and better protect the community.

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Chris Miyashiro
National Sales Manager
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Chris Miyashiro
National Sales Manager
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